• Digital Strategy

    Everything starts with a plan

    The Digital Strategy has the objective to align your strategic business goals with the overall digital goals in a multi-channel approach combining the Website, Social Media channels, Search Engine Marketing and Web Analytics.

    A good digital strategy also develops a sound framework, combined with best practices in leading digital teams, assessing competitive intelligence, enabling customer engagement, identifying the digital value chain, and interpreting data to optimize performance.

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  • Web Analytics

    Business Accountability

    On top of metrics interpretation, we consider many “analysts” fail in the area of digital analytics due not to the technology or interpretation of the data, but the inability to convincingly express the output of the analysis to peers and take action to improve the business. We provide reporting and insights on social media & web analytics. Track projects, report, and monitor KPIs and digital ROI and give insights on results. This “analytical culture” topic is the most overlooked piece of the puzzle in analytical industry today.

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  • Web Development

    It's all about digital now

    Get a website that is easy to use and format according to the specifics of your business. Instead of looking at your eBusiness strategy from a narrow, specialized approach, we look at common problems experienced in e-platforms and solve them in a broader management-based approach.

    • an inexpensive website platform
    • easy accessibility
    • plug-ins focused on a variety of tools to assist you with SEO, blog entries, social media, and much more
    • overall ease of use and enhanced visitor interaction

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  • Social Media

    Social Media Management

    Your social media voice must be the extension of your business goals. We provide help with management, branding, social advertising, social analytics reporting and interpretation.

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  • SEO

    Be found

    Mac has a proven track record of increasing 4x the organic traffic of a business and also its traffic value, meaning that not only there will be an increase on the number of visitors but the quality of them.

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  • Paid Search

    It is all about ROI

    There is a very simple recipe for success on Adwords:

    -Deep Keyword Research and Great Ad Copy
    -Track and analyse results through Google Analytics

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